Building for Tomorrow

Backed by a long standing mission and a proven track record in management and execution, the Group has produced consistent and productive performance over the years.

The Hong Kong Story
Founded in 1886, The Wharf (Holdings) Limited is a premier Hong Kong-based company with over 130 years of history. Growing with Hong Kong, The Company has made a number of "Firsts" in Hong Kong.
Value Creation
Building on a strong foundation, the Group continues to invest in Hong Kong and Mainland China and make new investments in new business opportunities.
Backed by an enthusiastic team of staff volunteers, the Group has initiated a series of BIC initiatives and works with NGOs to bring direct assistance to the needy of society.
Our Businesses
Hong Kong Properties

Wharf's Peak Portfolio prides itself on the display of a landmark collection of the most luxurious residences nestled on the Peak.

Mainland China Development Properties

The Group’s Development Properties land bank totalled 1.7 million square metres at the end of 2022.

Mainland China Investment Properties

The Group's Mainland China IP Portfolio has established leading market positions in top tier cities and delivered incremental contribution to Group results.

Wharf Hotels

Currently, Wharf Hotels manages 16 hotels in Mainland China, Hong Kong and the Philippines under the business travel brand of Marco Polo Hotels and the award-winning luxury brand, Niccolo Hotels.

Logistics Infrastructure

The Group owns 67.6% of Modern Terminals, a leading operator of world-class container terminal services in the South China region.

Building a Sustainable Community for our Future Generations

Sustainability is an integral part of our business planning and we strive for developing a robust culture of sustainability throughout the Company.