Products and Services

Adhere to a High Standard of Business Ethics

Wharf benchmarks against international best practice and complies with relevant laws in guiding its decisions and day-to-day management. The Group observes a high standard of business ethics in our marketing campaigns by providing transparent and fair information to enable customers to make informed decisions.

To protect customers' personal information, the Group follows a standard procedure in handling customers' information. Customers' information is only accessible by authorised personnel, and all staff is prohibited from disclosing any customers' information to third parties without customers' consent.

Supplier Management

The Group and most of our business units work with suppliers who share our CSR values. We strive to minimize adverse environmental impact arising from our procurement activities by providing employees with guidance for green procurement. Vendor management systems are in place to assess the suppliers' social, environmental and technical capabilities. Their performance is evaluated against a set of KPIs to ensure alignment with legislation and our requirements.