Project WeCan

Flagship Business-in-Community Initiative

Project WeCan is a Business-in-Community initiative launched by Wharf in 2011. It is an open platform where each secondary school is provided financial and volunteer support and partnered with a sponsor in a multi-year collaboration. It is an unprecedented “school adoption” model to foster cross-sector collaboration.

Thanks to the staunch support of 68 partners from different sectors and over 2,000 local and expatriate volunteers, 76 schools and about 75,000 students have benefitted so far.

Through diversified programmes, Project WeCan widens grassroots secondary school students’ horizons, enhances their essentials including creativity, character, common sense and communication skills in order to equip them for future careers.


76 76 76
most resources-thirst secondary schools are now supported by Project WeCan
75,000 75,000 75,000
students have benefitted from Project WeCan
68 68 68
partners from different sectors support Project WeCan

WeCan Scholarship Scheme

Established in 2015, WeCan Scholarship Scheme provides students from Project WeCan schools to pursue a four-year degree course in the eight UGC-funded institutions or The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Each successful candidate will receive a scholarship of up to HK$25,000 per year. Renewal of the scholarship will be subject to the students' performance. WeCan scholars will be invited to join the WeCan Alumni, where they will contribute to the society by actively involving in community services and volunteer work under Project WeCan. In 2019/20, a record high of 179 students were awarded the scholarships, making the total to 516 awardees since launch. 

Click HERE for the 2019/20 WeCan Scholar List. 

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The Founding Patron of Project WeCan, The Honourable Peter Woo, GBM, GBS, JP talked to a number of business media about Project WeCan.

"If you want to do something for Hong Kong, for the community, this is a live option. Any company that joins, it's your program, it's your company's own flag. For your staff, it's a chance to give back. In the end, the success is yours."

"These students might not have a good start... We want to bring them basic integrity, to make sure they are entirely competent in basic skills, build their confidence and character, and expose them to career opportunities."

– Peter Woo, GBM, GPS, JP