Building a Sustainable Community for our Future Generations

Sustainability is an integral part of our business planning. We aim to achieve excellent corporate governance, maximise economic and social value to the community, as well as reduce our impact on the environment. Under the guidance of our long-standing mission, "Building for Tomorrow", the Group manages its operations by taking investors' interests, the overall development of society and the well-being of the environment into consideration.

Wharf's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report provides information on the Group's CSR approach related to economic performance, corporate governance, community investment, environmental management, workplace practices and products and services.

Our Commitment

Sustainable development of the Group is our top concern. We strive to create positive impact for the community and continuously contribute to the society through our unwavering commitment to Our Community, Our Environment, Our People and Corporate Governance.

Together with our staff and business associates, we are committed to improving people's quality of life and building a sustainable community for our future generations with a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

Our Community
  • To nurture the youth, supporting the vulnerable as well as promoting art and culture via our Business-in-Community initiatives
  • To provide disadvantaged secondary school students with resources and care to empower them to pursue higher studies and promising careers through Project WeCan
  • To foster involvement of company volunteers to support the community and promote our "care-for-others" spirit to the people we deal with
Our Environment
  • To measure our environmental performance through an established environmental management system
  • To adopt green policies, implement initiatives to reduce our greenhouse gas emission and to facilitate reuse and recycling of resources
  • To promote green awareness to our staff, business partners, customers and suppliers, and the wider community
Our People
  • To become an employer of choice
  • To promote staff well-being by encouraging work-life balance, health and safety, equal opportunities and human rights
  • To provide greater and better opportunities for our people and future talent
Corporate Governance
  • To implement corporate governance practices not only in accordance with the regulatory requirements but also exceeding them where possible
  • To exercise the Board's accountability and ensure the effectiveness of our risk management and internal control system
  • To develop our business conduct and ethics, and raise staff's awareness of their responsibilities To enhance accountability and transparency of our operations
  • To enhance accountability and transparency of our operations