Our Community

Undertaking Philanthropic Responsibilities

Being an integral part of the community, we strongly believe in giving back and caring for the people in need. In addition to Project WeCan, Wharf also takes an active role to support many other members in the community. We pay special attention to the vulnerable groups and foster the involvement of company volunteers. Through donations, venue sponsorship, logistics support and staff volunteerism, we have supported numerous programmes in the areas of environmental protection, education and social inclusion.

Programme Highlights

Among others, Wharf has supported Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation since 2011, to help rural village development in Mainland China through financial donations and voluntary assistance. In 2017, students and teachers from Project WeCan schools and volunteers from our business units joined the volunteer work at Weining, Guizhou for local development works, including bridge construction, amenities enhancement and other community improvement projects.

Wharf joined the annual fundraising event "Hike for Hospice" of the Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care to support the holistic and individualized palliative care for patients with life-limiting illness. Meanwhile, allowing the employees to nurture team spirit through the hike competition.

Promoting Art and Culture

Wharf strives to raise people's living quality through promoting art and culture. In addition to sparing ample space to feature art pieces from around the globe, world class art exhibitions and culture events are held regularly at our landmark properties.

At Chongqing IFS, a new art piece LOVE.FOUND. created by Italian artist and architect Simone Carena, jointly with Chinese artist Yihong Hsu, was unveiled to the public in August 2018. The art piece is now situated at the northeast outdoor piazza of Chongqing IFS

Changsha IFS, with its opening in May 2018, introduced KAWS' first permanent bronze piece, SEEING/WATCHING, in its sculpture garden located on the 7/F of the mall. The eight-metre-tall art piece will soon make Changsha IFS become the popular art landmark.

The Light Rose Garden's World Tour in China debuted at Chengdu IFS in summer 2016. This massive public art exhibition is made up of 25,000 LED white roses and two unique pink roses, which transformed the Sculpture Garden of Chengdu IFS into a brilliant sea of shining flowers.

The World's debut of the 180-metre-long Sonic Runway was staged along Hongxing Road in Chengdu IFS in the second quarter of 2017.

Shanghai Wheelock Square has joined hands with Spanish artist Eva Armisén to host her exhibition title "One Stitch for Each Wish", aiming to bring inspirations to articulate unexpected beauties of life and seeking the dreams in the third quarter of 2016.