Wharf Hotels

Driving Hotel Management Excellence

Currently, the Group manages 17 hotels in Mainland China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Among them, 12 are under the classic brand of Marco Polo and five are contemporary, urban, chic hotels under the sophisticated Niccolo brand. The latest addition is Niccolo Suzhou which opened in April 2021.

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Wharf Hotels’ Management Portfolio

Hong Kong Mainland China The Philippines
Marco Polo Hotels
Hongkong Beijng (Parkside) Manila (Ortigas)
Gateway Foshan (Lingnan Tiandi) Cebu
Prince* Jinjiang, Fujian Davao**
Niccolo Hotels
The Murray, Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel Changsha

  * Under renovation since February 24, 2020

** Suspended operations since June 15, 2020