Achievement Highlights

Wharf’s Landmark Properties in Changsha and Chengdu Win International Acclaims

The Group received awards in almost every aspect imaginable from business growth and results, to marketing, best shopping mall, social responsibility and popularity. Thanks to our people and generosity of the industry.

Wharf’s Landmark Properties in Changsha and Chengdu Win International Acclaims

The flagship investment property projects of The Wharf (Holdings) Limited (“Wharf”) (stock code: 0004), namely Changsha International Finance Square (“Changsha IFS”)and Chengdu International Finance Square (“Chengdu IFS”), recently won important international awards. Their resounding performance reaffirms Wharf’s leadership in developing and operating large mixed-used projects and expertise in retail management anchored by landmark retail malls

Changsha IFS Named The Best International Shopping Mall by Global RLI Awards 2019

“The Best International Shopping Mall” in the Global RLI Awards 2019 held at the Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA is a great testament to Changsha IFS’ success in architectural design, tenant-mix, interactive customer experience and marketing, and a showcase of the vibrancy of the property and Changsha to global retailers.

The UK-based Global RLI Awards is a prestigious international award held for the 14th year. A distinguished panel composed of CEOs and directors of leading commercial projects worldwide has selected the most visionary and innovative commercial developments across the globe to receive the award. 

Changsha IFS has become a retail landmark in Central China soon after opening in May 2018. It has also been recognised with 10 other property or marketing related awards, including The Commercial Project of the Year 2019 by RICS China, International Property Award and Stevie Awards among others. These recognitions by international and local industry players are encouraging milestones as Changsha IFS celebrates its first anniversary.

Chengdu IFS Won the Sport, Cultural, Educational or Entertainment Event Award by Heavent Awards

The “Sport, Cultural, Educational or Entertainment Event Award” in the 13th Heavent Awards, recognises Chengdu IFS’ outstanding performance in innovative marketing
and contribution to the internationalisation of Chengdu for the past five years.

Heavent Awards is a distinguished event-specific award in Europe established 13 years ago. It aims at paying tribute to the most innovative and impactful marketing programmes around the world. With a stringent selection process by a professional panel in addition to public voting at the ceremony, Heavent Awards has been widely regarded as the ‘Oscars’ of event-based awards.

Chengdu IFS won the award for a range of art and cultural events under its unprecedented “sister street partnership” with Le Comité Saint Germain des Prés of Paris fostering Sino-French exchange. Street signs of “Hongxing Road Section 3” and “Boulevard Saint-Germain” were installed in respective locations.

Chengdu IFS is a top-notch flagship investment property for Wharf in western China. Thanks to its unrivalled architectural design, operation and marketing excellence, the development has received dozens of international awards, including the “2016 VIVA Best-of-the-Best Design and Development Award”, the top global title presented by International Council of Shopping Center; Stevie Awards; Event Marketing Awards and International Business Awards since opening in January 2014.