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8/6/2017 Wharf Hotels The New Identity for Niccolo and Marco Polo Hotels
26/5/2017 Unprecedented Encounters Paris Saint-Germain-des-Près Committee and Chengdu IFS Reach a Collaborative Agreement Bringing Chengdu and Boulevard Saint-Germain Together Hongxing Road and St. Germaine Boulevard Street Signs to be Installed at Respective Locations to Foster Sino-French Exchange in Quality Lifestyle Pursuits
10/5/2017 The Wharf (Holdings) Limited - Annual General Meeting : Photos
10/5/2017 The Wharf (Holdings) Limited - Poll Results of Annual General Meeting
23/4/2017 九龍倉全港中學生繪畫比賽 (2016-17》公布三甲得主, 本地繪畫比賽中的奧斯卡, 今屆特設「香港 • 海港 • 20載 」特別獎 透視新一代眼中的香港 (中文版本)
20/4/2017 Wheelock / Wharf Joint Announcement
9/3/2017 2016 Final Results Announcement : Special Notes to Editors - PowerPoint Presentation and Images
9/3/2017 Wharf / i-CABLE Communications Joint Announcement - Rule 3.7 Update Announcement and Rule 13.09 of The Listing Rules and Inside Information Provisions Under Part XIVA of The Securities and Futures Ordinance
9/3/2017 2016 Final Results Announcement
17/12/2016 Project WeCan Announces 2016-2017 Project WeCan Scholarship Recipients


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