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The Group currently operates 13 owned or managed hotels in the Asia Pacific region. Among them, the three in Harbour City, Hong Kong command a spectacular Victoria Harbour view while the one in Wuhan is on the bund and overlooks the Yangtze River.

The Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi in Foshan and Marco Polo Suzhou were added to the portfolio in 2012. A pipeline of 10 new hotels in the cities of Changsha, Changzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Suzhou, Tianjin and Wuxi in the Mainland, as well as Manila in the Philippines and Bangkok in Thailand will strengthen our hotel network upon their completion over the next five years.

In particular, six of the new hotels owned by the Group will be coming on stream and bring new attraction to the respective cities, among them, four being sky hotels, three are part of the Group's multi-use retail-office complexes; these hotels would take us to the next level of services and hospitality. The remaining hotel is a part of a State Guest House complex with vast garden space for major events and weddings.

A solid portfolio of its 10 owned hotels exceeding HK$10 billion will form the core platform of an expanding hotel network outside of Hong Kong over the next five years.

Marco Polo Hotels is a member of Global Hotel Alliance, the world's largest alliance of independent hotel brands encompassing over 320 upscale and luxury hotels with over 75,000 rooms across 57 countries.

Marco Polo Hotels' Network

Hong Kong Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel
  Gateway, Hong Kong
  Prince, Hong Kong
China Marco Polo Parkside, Beijing
  Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi, Foshan
  Marco Polo JinJiang
  Marco Polo Shenzhen
  Marco Polo Suzhou
  Marco Polo Xiamen
  Marco Polo Wuhan
The Philippines Marco Polo Davao
  Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu
Thailand The Panwa Beach Resort, Phuket

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