Corporate Social Responsibility | Project WeCan

Flagship Business-in-Community initiative

Project WeCan ("PWC") is a Business-in-Community initiative launched by Wharf in 2011. It is a pioneering multi-faceted school improvement project that aims at empowering local secondary school students with disadvantaged backgrounds through learning opportunities. In 2016, seven new partners joined this open platform to provide financial and volunteer support, benefiting a total of 43,000 students.

To enable more students in PWC schools to overcome financial difficulties and pursue their higher education goals, the WeCan Scholarship Scheme, set up in 2015, continues its mission and empowers PWC students to study in local universities.

A signature event of PWC, the Young Innovators Bazaar 2016 attracted over 1,000 students from 41 schools to participate. With support and advice from schools and corporate volunteers, students were mentored on a wide range of skill sets including leadership, entrepreneurship, project management, communication, collaboration, and sales and marketing.













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