Achievement Highlights

The Group received awards in almost every aspect imaginable from business growth and results, to marketing, best shopping mall, social responsibility and popularity. Thanks to our people and generosity of the industry.

Chengdu IFS the First Commercial Project to Win Prestigious ICSC VIVA Best-of-the-Best Global Award

Chengdu International Finance Square is thrilled to receive the "2016 ICSC VIVA Best-of-the-Best Design and Development Award" presented by International Council of Shopping Center, representing China's first-ever commercial project winning this top global title. Christina Hau, General Manager (Operations) of Wharf China Estates Limited, received the award at the ceremony held at Las Vegas on May 22, 2016. READ MORE

Doreen Lee, Vice Chairman of The Wharf (Holdings) Limited said,

"We are thrilled that Chengdu IFS has become China's first-ever commercial project winning this top global title presented by ICSC. Our team will continue to work hard to reflect VIVA's spirit - Vision, Innovation, Value and Achievement in our future projects"





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